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Robert Selander was born the only son to parents Ronald and Tabitha Selander in suburban Salt Lake City, Utah. Growing up, Robert was a born rebel, indulging in such things as Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic The Gathering. Despite his lust for rebellion and parents' warnings of damnation, Robert was deeply involved with his local church, singing in the choir. At the age of 5, Robert met his best friend and Tartar Control bandmate, Sean Hart. They were both enrolled in the LDS Children's Choir by their parents. As the youngest members of the choir ever enrolled, both Robert and Sean were noted as being extremely gifted. Sean, an angelic tenor, and Robert a natural baritone.

In his teens, Robert ventured with Sean to form their own hymnal duo, "The Smiths" to minimal success. During this time, Robert also took substantial interest in interpretive dance and calligraphy. By the age of 20, Robert and Sean were set to go on their missions as designated by the church. Around this time, both Robert and Sean found their ultimate love, Punk Rock. While singing outside of a local punk club, Robert and Sean were taunted into coming inside to sing. The rest is history.

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