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Robert, Sean, and Robot are three fun time buddies who looove music. They're on a mission to bring rockin' good times (via the bowels) into your heart.

Robert and Sean started their epic journey in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah where they performed in The Tabernacle Choir, gave hugs to sweetly handicapped cancer-children, and lip-synced to Huey Lewis and The News. With the invention of their drummer/bassist Robot, they hit the road with their sights set on Los Angeles. Inspired by such bands as The Vandals, Left Over Crack, and Lawrence Welk, Tartar Control brings to you a musical experience that can only be described as a "loud hug."

Today Tartar Control gallivants all over the greater Los Angeles area giving sonic high-fives and handshakes to the masses.

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The Dead Kennedys, DEVO, The Damned, Swingin’ Utters, The Wierdos, TSOL, JFA, Manic Hispanic, The Muffs, The Dickies, The Voodoo Glow Skulls, Pully, Implants, Angry Samoans, Strung Out, Riverboat Gamblers, Punk Rock Karaoke, Youth Brigade, US Bombs, Pistol Grip, Ten Foot Pole, Green Jelly


Punk Rock Bowling 2013, 2015, 2017
NXNE 2014
This is My Fest 2015
Remember the Punks Festival 2016
The Fest- 2017
Big Pre-Fest in Little Ybor- 2017



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“Dressed as Mormons, Robert and Sean appeared on stage promptly at 8:45, along with their robot. What ensued for the next thirty minutes was pure unabated insanity, as Robert ran wild all over the stage and everywhere on the general admission floor, instantly making an indelible impact on the audience and a connection that well and truly lasted throughout the set. Amidst the several songs they played, they indulged in some very well-timed stand-up comedy which had the crowd in splits, and every joke or one-liner certainly enhanced the power of the song that followed it. The music was filled to the brim with a fun vibe but yet at the same time was fierce and intense, capturing the very essence of hardcore punk.” –Metal Assault

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“I almost went outside for a beer at that point. That would have been a huge mistake! The lead singer, Robert Selander’s “Mr. Rogers” persona was tripping me out until he and guitarist, Sean Hart broke into their rendition of self-proclaimed “Mormon missionary hardcore punk” with a ridiculously great song, “Jesus is Love”. Reaction… “fuck… ummm… okay?!” (That’s actually exactly what my notes on the band said after their first song). I decided to focus my attention on the crowd and their reaction. Slowly people in the front started to Pogo, then a pit formed, then all hell broke loose. Tarter Control had charisma, energy, and well… they put on a pretty damn good show for two geeks, a drum machine, and a robot.” -13 Stitches Magazine

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“..some of the funniest, sickest, and twisted thirty tracks you will hear. Sometimes bands that use a lot of comedy in their music have a tendency to rely on it too much and the musicianship then suffers. This is not the case with Tartar Control.” –

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“Consisting of “Good Mormon” boys Elder Sean Hart and Elder Robert Selander and their sidekick Robot, the band is like no other within the punk scene. If you like irreverent punk music (as most is) and want to laugh hysterically, you should catch this act.” –By The Barricade

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“Tartar Control’s hardcore punk punches an unholy wave of shock to the unknowing audience members as the band transforms from two sweet toned potential Leave-it-to-Beaver characters to the most foul-mouthed, chaotic, in-your-face and entertaining individuals right before their eyes.” –Substance

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